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Monday, December 19th, 2016:

The last 2 weeks, though quiet, were very productive. We continued to focus on providing access to clean water; school rehabilitation and most importantly, we worked out all the details with Mairie des Cayes to help the town with debris removal.

During the weeks of 12/5 & 12/12, GCF's Relief Team completed the following activities:

1. Provide Access to Potable Water

Water for life complete digging the potable water well in Tuffet - manual pump will be mounted within the next few days. We expect the population of Tufette to start using the well shortly


Our team received the a portable water purification system from Air Mobile Ministries. We were advised that the people of Ducis have no access to clean water. The unit was installed at Eglise Adventiste de Dubreuille. Please see Air Water Ministry's blog for more details.

2. School Rehabilitation:
We have added one more school for rehabilitation:


Kindergarten Academie Chretienne de Collette.

We continue to work with the community of Morency to get some local carpenters to start recovering the two selected schools.


College Le Dessalinien de Lyncee-Morency


École Communautaire de Lyncee-Morency


4. Equipment for debris removal and sanitation

GCF met with the Mayor of Les Cayes to further discuss how this relief effort can support the city of Les Cayes with debris removal and sanitation. The town is not equipped at all and they have had no means of acquiring the materials needed to provide that service.


Last week, GCF disbursed the funds for the purchase 2 dump trucks for the town of Les Cayes. The two dump trucks will be used to help clean up the town - a service that is greatly needed. This is by far the most significant contribution your support has enabled. You should be proud.


Outside of this relief effort, we are are making a plea for others (individuals and organizations) to contribute to the acquisition of more sanitation equipment for the town. At this point, the absence of basic sanitation services remains a serious health risk for not only the victims of hurricane Matthew, but also the town's population.

Financial Updates:

Once again, THANK YOU for your tremendous support that is keeping this relief effort alive!

Please remember to note our phone number: (561) 510-1113.


Your support kept this relief effort alive. Frankly, we are amazed by how much our team on the ground has accomplished with less than $100,000. On behalf of the people of Les Cayes, we THANK YOU for all that you have facilitated. please continue to encourage your friends and family to donate at www.gaskov.org. Weekly updates are published on the site.

With our most sincere gratitude,

Team GCF Matthew-Cayes Relief

MARCH 11, 2017


APRIL 29, 2017





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