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Monday, December 5th, 2016:

The week of 11/28 was our last week of food and water distribution. We made that decision along with La Mairie Des Cayes to start focusing on restoring additional school roof tops so more children from the rural communities can return to school. We also received several requests from both La Mairie and the citizens of Les Cayes to empower the city by providing them with the equipment needed for debris removal from the hurricane and for continued waste Management. The funds we have left will be spent on those two priorities because these areas of interventions will have a lasting and substantial impact on the town. As always, We thank YOU, for the continued support and trust in our team.

During the week of 11/28, GCF's distribution went as follows:

1. Distribution
The team continued to distribute food kits and water to impacted neighborhood and provided relief as follows:

Date Location Goods # of Family
Nov. 28 Lilet Water Bottles (5 Gal.) 230
Nov. 28 Lilet Water Bottles (20 oz.) 30
Nov. 29 Chantale Water Bottles (5 Gal.) 50
Nov. 29 Chantale Food Kit 50
Nov. 29 Dume/Lyncee/Morancy Water Bottles (20 oz.) 700
Nov. 30 Croix des Martyrs Water Bottles (20 oz.) 534
Nov. 30 Morne Coquis Water Bottles (20 oz.) 423
Dec. 01 Dubreuil Water Bottles (5 Gal.) 145
Dec. 02 Guilgaut Food Kit 50
Dec. 02 Guilgaut Water Bottles (5 Gal.) 250

2. School Rehabilitation:
Identified 2 new schools to be rehabilitated if enough funds are raised.

College Le Dessalinien de Lyncee-Morency

École Communautaire de Lyncee-Morency

3. Provide access to potable water
Well construction by Water For Life is in progress in Tuffet.

Working with Air Mobile Ministries on the delivery of a portable water purification system

4. Equipment for debris removal and sanitation
Met with the Mayor of Les Cayes to further discuss how GCF can support the city of Les Cayes with debris removal and sanitation. Equipment estimates will be provided to GCF during the week of 12/5.

Financial Updates:

Once again, THANK YOU for your tremendous support that is keeping this relief effort alive!

We nearing the end of our 90-day mandate, please continue to encourage your friends and family to donate at www.gaskov.org. Weekly updates are published on the site.

With our most sincere gratitude,

Team GCF Matthew-Cayes Relief

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