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Monday, November 7th, 2016:

West Palm Beach, FL - A month has passed since Hurricane Matthew coursed through and destroyed the southern cities of Haiti. Gaskov Clergé Foundation (GCF) has made major strides in collecting funds and providing significant groundbreaking relief assistance in Les Cayes. As part of our goal to take a slightly different approach for the Hurricane Matthew relief efforts, "Objective 100%" was created with the intent of using 100% of the funds on activities directly benefiting the victims. GCF's focus was strictly on collecting funds, instead of goods from outside of Haiti, to minimize transportation/custom costs and help stimulate the Haitian economy. Purchasing goods directly from local businesses helped maximize the impact of every dollar spent for both the victims and the economy. By establishing relationships with large distributors and local companies, GCF was able to effectively expedite the purchase and delivery of food/water/supplies to about 1,750 families impacted by the hurricane. Weekly reports are published on the site.

The 3 main priorities
set by the Mayor of Les Cayes were:

1. Clean Safe Water
2. Food Distribution
3. Facilitate return of children to school

Accomplishment Updates:
Clean Safe Water
1. Distributed 5-gallon water bottles to 750 families, 500 of which were donated by Culligan.
2. Started distribution of aquatabs purchased at a 50% discount from Propharma.

Food Distribution
Distributed food kits to over 1,750 families. In addition to food purchased by GCF, Program Alimentaire Mondial and La Mairie des Cayes also provided food to our team on the ground for distribution.

Facilitate return of children to school
GCF collaborated with a team of partners from La Mairie des Cayes, Catholic Relief Services, OIM, FonKoze to help relocate 205 families from Ecole Nationale de Lagaudray and Ecole Nationale de Colette. As a result, 3,000 children will return to school on Tuesday, November 8th, 2016.

Communities served so far:
Fonfrede, Laval, Laborde, Tuffet, Sous Roche, Labiche, Lacroix, Bergaud, Damion, Bourri, EPPLS La Savanne and EPPLS Parc Larco

Next Steps/Priorities
1. Continue with Water Distribution and aquatabs.
2. Initiate project to build 2 potable water wells in Tuffet (The Rousseau Family pledged for 1 well).
3. Re-roof 2-3 schools.
4. Continue to work with partners on the ground to re-open Lycee Philippe Guerrier (LPG).
5. Work with partner organization such as Kiskeya Aqua Ferme and others to help local farmers rebuild their vegetable gardens for income generation.

Team GCF Matthew-Cayes Relief

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