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GCF Group ISunday, January 31, 2010 - Our beloved Haiti is weeping for her children's loss, and at the Gaskov Clerge Foundation (GCF), we share that excruciating pain and sorrow. GCF is in deep mourning and wish to humbly pay respect to our precious brothers and sisters who lost their lives in the disastrous January 12th earthquake.

To that effect, all GCF fund raising galas planned for 2010 are cancelled. We will devote our attention and energy to continuously contribute towards relieving our surviving brothers and sisters who are suffering both physically and mentally.

After 2 long weeks of arduous planning, organizing and gathering medical supplies, GCF's first team of medical professionals "The Pathfinders" landed safely in Haiti on January 29, 2010. With the support of Commissioner of Port Wayne Richards, Mayor Thomas Masters, Haitian Nurses Coalition and Missionary Flights International, all volunteers and supplies were transported to Haiti free of charge. The team is composed of medical professionals from Florida, Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania and New York will be hosted by Dr. Cadet, a Florida Physician born in Croix Des Bouquet.

Our field team started working in Croix Des Bouquets on Saturday 01/30/2010 where they started to save lives. Our ground team is working with the Haitian Ministry of Health representative and on Sunday 01/31 the team began to work in Carrefour where they are performing minor surgeries and wound care. They will set the tone for the remaining teams and will help identify those places that desperately need both our medical and surgical services. Two locations that are being assessed by GCF's logistics team are Leogane and Grand-Goave. Once the assessment is completed, GCF will decide where the next team will work.

Pressing needs identified by our field team:
Our team on the ground sees the need for more: children antibiotics and vitamins; antibiotics for vaginal infections such as Metronidazole, Miconazole, Clotrimazole, Terconazole or Fluconazole; blood pressure medication. The list will grow for sure. If you are in a position to donate these supplies, please contact us at 917-405-8834 or 561-267-3813 for an address to ship them to. We are accepting donation at www.Gaskov.org.

Key Contributors:


Behind this first GCF Relief team send off, there is an army of humbly devoted people who have tremendously helped in making this happen. They have worked tirelessly to raise funds, medical supplies, help arrange traveling arrangements, recruit volunteers and help spread the word about GCF’s work. We all are in this together!!!

Local officials (West Palm Beach, FL):
- Mayor Thomas Masters - Riviera Beach, FL
- Commissioner Wayne Richards - Palm Beach Port, FL

Contributing Organizations (Growing list):
The following organizations have contributed medical supplies worth hundreds of thousands of dollars to GCF's one month relief efforts:
- Map International - www.map.org
- Missionary Flights International (MFI) - www.missionaryflights.org
- Columbia Hospital, West Palm Beach Florida - http://www.columbiahospital.com
- Pocono Medical Center, Stroudsburg Pensylvania - www.poconohealthsystem.org
- Found Care, West Palm Beach, Florida - http://www.foundcare.org
- Palm Beach County Medical Society - www.pbcms.org
- Hope Force International - www.hopeforce.org
- Haitian Nurses Coalition, West Palm Beach Florida
- Daytona Heart Group - www.daytonaheart.com
- Hillside School, Inc., MA
- Children Heritage Foundation - www.childrenheritage.org
- American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeon - http://www.aaos.org

Earthquake Relief Mission Financial Updates

Jan 30 GCF Financial Updates

January 20, 2010 - On Thursday, January 15, GCF Board Member, Dr. Roby Marsan flew to Haiti, to bring urgent care for the young victims. As of today, Dr. Marsan is still in Haiti providing help to the earthquake victims in the region. GCF has also facilitated the departure of several Orthopedists and Anesthesiologists for Port-au-Prince.

In addition, GCF is planning to land in Haiti on January 30th with the first group of doctors and nurses, medicine and medical supplies to begin a 4-week relief mission in Port-au-Prince and other areas in need.

If you would like to make a contribution to support the effort, please follow this link to make a credit card donation. If you rather send a check, please make it payable to "Gaskov Clerge Foundation", and mail it to the address below. For more information please contact GCF at info@gaskov.org or 347-248-7259.

GCF Earthquake Relief Committee



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