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GCF Group IIIMonday, February 15, 2010 - The troopers arrived to Croix Des Bouquets on Saturday 02/13/2010 and immediately had their work cut out for them. Baby E, a beautiful baby boy (born on 01/10/2010) whose mom passed away two days after the earthquake is left homeless with his dad awkwardly playing mom's role. The Troopers were greeted by a teary eyed dad who is devastated by his wife's loss and totally terrified of losing his new born son. Baby E was completely dehydrated and mal-nourished, unable to retain the formula fed to him by Dr. Jones, our volunteer OB Gyn physician. As soon as our Pediatrician Dr. Marsan arrived, his attention was totally devoted to Baby E. He immediately administered Zofran and IV solution for hydration to the baby. Hours later, we sent Dad and Baby home with Pedialyte, formula and diapers that will last them for few days. Baby E is thriving today and he is looking better every day.

The team officially started to work in Lilavoix 35 on Sunday where they cared for 350 patients which included children from a local orphanage. On Monday 02/15/2010, they spent the day at the tent city in Stade Sylvio Cator where they cared for about 375 patients in need of wound care and basic medical care. We also visited the Bernard Mevs Medical Center to assess the possibility of a long term relationship. We will be working in Wyclef Jean's hometown near Croix Des Bouquets on Tuesday 02/16/2010 and back to Stade Sylvio Cator for the rest of the week.

Based on what we've observed so far, there is a huge need for counseling here in Haiti. Most people are suffering from post traumatic stress disorder. Counseling would be most effective if done by Creole speaking mental health professionals. We have also seen a huge need for GYN and women health care. Most women we've seen are diagnosed with vaginitis. We are going through all our stock of Flagyl and Doxycycline... we can't seem to get enough of those drugs.

On another front, we have been closely monitoring Babies Angeline and Carlito's progress. We met them during our 2009 medical mission and their Hydrocephalus condition captured all our hearts. Prior to the Earthquake, Geisenger Health System had agreed to sponsor their surgeries in the States. Unfortunately, they were at the verge of obtaining their passport when the earthquake occurred and are unable to travel. A volunteer Neurosurgeon operated on them at the University of Miami's hospital tent. Shunts were placed for both children. We took them back to the University of Miami for a follow up visit. The shunts are looking good and the amount of water in their brain went down. Angeline is actually thriving, she was singing in the car on her way to the hospital and she sure is a feisty little girl. Based on the test performed by the Pediatric Neuro Surgeon, baby Carlito's shunt seems to be fine, he is febrile and was admitted at the Medishare/University of Miami tent hospital for malaria observation. If at all possible, we plan to still fly them to the US for a more up-to date procedure as soon as they can travel.

Once again, thank you for your support and commitment to this cause. Over the past 11 work days, GCF dedicated volunteers have cared for 4,500 patients. Without God's blessings and your support, that would have been impossible.


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