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January 17, 2010 - GCF has been receiving pressing requests to move the mission’s date to start sooner. Apparently, most towns in Haiti are inundated with victims that were brought in from Port-au-Prince. Those victims are left with nothing: no clothes, no food, no infrastructure and minimal medical care. The situation seems to be overwhelming for most towns.

Per our discussions with several search and rescue representatives, GCF needs to hold off for at least for two weeks. As such, GCF is moving the mission date up by 2 weeks, to start on January 30th, 2010. We are still planning for up to a month duration and will take the mission wherever needs us the most.

Our strategy is to remain adaptable and flexible in our planning, while maximizing the effectiveness of our resources.

January 14, 2010 - West Palm Beach, FL - Established as a nonprofit and philanthropic organization committed to empowering individuals, the Gaskov Clergé Foundation has been devoted to making a valuable difference in the lives of those less fortunate. Since its inception in 1999, the Gaskov Clergé Foundation (GCF) has led yearly Medical Missions in Southern Haiti for one week in July or August. The devastating impacts of the 01/12/2010 earthquake in Haiti left GCF volunteers speechless and completely determined to participate directly in the relief effort. Filled with good intentions, Medical Professionals around the US, have been calling GCF to offer their expertise and knowledge in order assist those in the Port-au-Prince area who are left in unimaginable distress.

The Gaskov Clergé Foundation is planning for a mission that will last up to one month with rotating weekly medical professionals serving the distressed population in the Port-au-Prince area. The missions will focus on both the medical and the mental aspects of those impacted, with a possible surgical mission on the 3rd week. Assuming that clearance is provided, the first weekly missionary staff will leave on February 13, 2010 to start working the following day. Our final mission is expected to last until March 13, 2010. The duration of the mission will depend on the number of available medical volunteers.

With a solid reputation and experience in rural medical missions; a medical bag full of hope and a heart full of compassion and kindness, the Gaskov Clergé Foundation and its volunteers are committed to uplifting the morale of those who are disheartened. GCF is recruiting medical professionals who are ready to travel and willing to work under extremely disastrous situations and enormous stress. Medical supplies and donations are also being accepted. Please visit www.gaskov.org for more information and/or to donate towards this relief effort, or email GCF at info@gaskov.org. GCF Earthquake Relief Committee



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