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The Gaskov Clergé Foundation (GCF) was founded in May 1999, shortly after the death of Gaskov Clergé. Gaskov Clergé, a Ph.D. candidate in Microbiology at Howard University, was hospitalized on Saturday, March 6, and died on Sunday, March 7, 1999 of liver cancer. His sudden and tragic departure left a void in the lives of many of his family and friends. In order to perpetuate his legacy and to honor his memory, Gaskov's family and friends established a non-profit organization in his name that is committed to empowering individuals throughout The United States and Haiti.

The Foundation currently consists of fithteen (15) members who serve on the Board members. The Board meets at least four times a year to set policies and plan activities and programs for the foundation. In addition, the Board members also implement all of the scheduled activities and events with the help of the Very Active Members (VAM). VAM is a group of dedicated individuals who help carry out the foundation's mission. There are also four committees, the Health committee, the Science and Education committee, the Sports committee and the Fund Raising committee, created to assist the board in planning GCF's programs.

With the financial assistance of its supporters, the participation of current volunteers, and the active involvement of many others, GCF continues to empower individuals.



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