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The Health Committee encourages the philanthropic participation of physicians, nurses and other health professionals for the Mobile Clinic in Haiti. GCF's Mobile Clinics have become a major source of health care for many who cannot afford to see a doctor in Haiti. On average, GCF's health care professionals see about 3,000 people during a mission trip to Haiti.

Most often, the specialists traveling with the mission are the only specialists in the region. In addition to basic medical and pediatric care, GCF's Mobile Clinics offer neurology, dental, gynecology, cardiac and psychiatric care to many patients in dire need of these services. GCF's teams have also worked closely with the local public hospital in Les Cayes to perform both minor and major surgeries for numerous cases. The organization plans to work closely with the Ministry of Health and the local community to help identify the best way to supplement and reinforce the existing health care system with the establishment of an affordable medical and diagnostic center that will make health care more accessible to many in the southern region of Haiti.

Relief Mobile Clinic: Within weeks of the devastating January 12, 2010 earthquake, in addition to operating the core Mobile Clinic, GCF also rotated over 100 medical volunteers in Port-au-Prince and its surrounding town to offer much needed health and wound care to victims in tent cities and remote towns.

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