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The Gaskov Clergé Foundation (GCF) exists to perpetuate the legacy of Gaskov Clergé. The foundation is a nonprofit, philanthropic organization established to promote health, sports, education and sciences in both the United States and Haiti.

GCF's Mobile Clinics have become a major source of health care for residents who cannot afford to see a doctor. On each of GCF's mission trips to Haiti, health care professionals see an average of 3,000 patients.

Often, the medical specialists traveling with the mission are the only specialists in the region. In addition to basic medical and pediatric care, GCF's Mobile Clinics offer neurology, dental, gynecology, cardiac and psychiatric care to patients in dire need of these services. GCF's teams also work closely with Les Cayes' local public hospital to perform both minor and major surgeries. The organization is working with the Ministry of Health and the local community to continue to identify the best way to supplement and reinforce the existing health care system with the inclusion of Klinik Fonfred as an affordable medical and diagnostic center that has been making health care more accessible to many in the southern region of Haiti.

To that effect, GCF's Board of Directors along with its partners, completed the construction of Klinik Fonfred in 2015. The clinic is a medical facility that conforms to all international norms and standards. The initial clinical facility sits on 3.5 acres and include exam suites for pediatric, general, women's health and dental clinics. Digital x-ray and ultrasound are two of the crucial diagnostic tools that will be available in radiology services. In partnership with Athena Health, Klinik Fonfred also implemented an electronic medical record system which is used by the medical and administrative staff on a daily basis.

Since it's grand opening in November 2015, the clinic has an operating budget of $160,000 that also covers medication and payroll for 17 employees who are dedicated to providing quality care has provided to over 15,000 patients. Patients come from all over the region, many of them with chronic illnesses that are being managed with the help of our dedicated staff on a continuous basis. In addition, the clinic receives supplemental medical teams that specialize in Neurology, Psychiatry, Gynecology and Pediatric care.

It is GCF's intention to continue to partner with the Ministry of Health Officials in Haiti, the local medical community in the Les Cayes area, international non-profit and non-governmental organizations, private corporations and all willing contributors to grow into a medical facility that will provide the absolute best medical care possible to the men, women and children of southern Haiti.

The journey to provide continuity of care with internal standards continues. Over the years, GCF Board's determination, the dedication of Klinik Fonfred's staff and the generosity of those who support this project have demonstrated that a few committed individuals can bring change in communities they serve.

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